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PG40 PG-40 CL41 CL-41 Compatible Ink Cartridges for Canon

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TONER EXPERTE® Compatible Ink Cartridges Replacement for Canon PG-40 (PG40) CL-41 (CL41) are guaranteed to perform with your Canon printer. They replace the original Canon PG-40 (PG40) CL-41 (CL41) ink cartridges, and can be used in the following Printers:
  • Canon Pixma iP1200, iP1300, iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP1900, iP2200, iP2400, iP2500, iP2600, iP6220D

  • Canon Pixma MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP220, MP450, MP460, MP470, MX300, MX310

  • Canon MultiPass 450, MP150, MP160, MP170

  • Our compatible replacement for Canon PG-40 (PG40) CL-41 (CL41) ink cartridges are specially engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. The use of TONER EXPERTE® compatible replacement ink cartridges does not void your printer's warranty. We offer a LIFETIME 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee on our TONER EXPERTE® compatible Canon PG-40 (PG40) CL-41 (CL41) ink cartridges.

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