Food containers

Food and drink containers

Dafi offers kitchen accessories, for storing food, protecting against unwanted odours or substances. The containers are vacuum sealed, so the food stays fresh longer. Dafi specialises in the production and distribution of water filters and kitchen accessories. Do you need a container for coffee or tea? Check the offer from Dafi.

The vacuum pump is used to sucks air from food storage containers, protects against moisture and bacteria so that the food stays fresh longer. This way we can store the finished dish and eat it even after a few days, this way of storing the food extends the freshness of the dish by five times, we will keep the distinct taste and aroma. 

Vacuum containers are becoming more and more popular; it is a way to save money - we don’t have to throw away good food, we can put it away and eat it in a few days. These containers are extremely easy to use - put the dish into a vacuum container, cover it with a lid and apply the vacuum pump at the marked point, then suck the air away until you feel resistance.

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